Executive Order

Earlier this month, President Obama was sent a letter from about 200 members of Congress urging him to ban discrimination of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender in the working field by a federal contractor. Those 200 members do not include a single Republican signature. Currently it is not illegal in 33 states to harass or fire anyone who is LGBT. Other Congress members believe that the act should go to the legislation rather than to the President right away. However, Democrats are urging the President to pass this because in President Obama’s State of the Union address he said that this year was going to be a year of action.





State of the Union 2014

I think President Obama’s speech was very motivational for the people who watched this and were unemployed. President Obama talks a lot about creating new jobs by creating new businesses like solar power panels that he briefly mentions and the manufacturing company for Ford that recently opened and has employed about 700 people. I really liked the point he made about giving people who have been unemployed longer priority instead of giving recently unemployed people the jobs first, though it may not seem fair to most people it makes sense to have those who have suffered the longest be prioritized. Along with the issue of unemployment with ordinary citizens, he also talks about the veterans who are coming back from Iraq or Afghanistan and how important it is to not leave our veterans without any help from the government after they protected the U.S. for a longer time. He talks about the increasing wages he  helps will happen in a couple years to go up to $10.10. His reasoning behind the want to raise wages makes sense because workers that now earn at least eight dollars an hour is not a lot for someone to depend on let alone a family. I liked that he mentions the ongoing crazy climate changes and how we need to change the way we get our oil and purposed we use natural gases. President Obama says he wants to make this earth cleaner by “reducing foreign oil demand” and “rise with solar power.” I was a bit disappointed that he did not talk much about the Immigration Reform, the only thing that I recall him say this is “Get it done this year.” I  did not think much when President Obama told us about the Guantanamo Bay finally going to be closed this year because that has been said to be done for more than 2 years. When he started talking about the medical insurance, it did not occur to me as it being greatly needed by adults because they already try to take care of themselves to not miss work but with the woman’s example he had given, its a good thing to have a safe plan to fall on. All and all I am just curious to see what President Obama actually gets done and when they get done.

Jimmy Kimmel Scandal


A popular late night show called “Jimmy Kimmel Live” was petitioned to be cancelled and for the host, Jimmy Kimmel, to apologize after airing a bid where a child said that the U.S. should kill everyone in China so that they would not have to pay their $1.3 trillion debt. Viewers of the show were very disturbed and outraged with these comments especially when Kimmel joked about it as well. Immediately after, a petition to cancel the show was “… written to the Obama administration calling for a formal apology and an end to the show.” Those who wrote to the White House said that the remark that was made was “…extremely distasteful and this is the same rhetoric used in Nazi Germany against Jewish people. Please immediately cut the show and issue a formal apology.” The White House could not do much about this because it would then be a violation of the First Amendment for the freedom of speech. Jimmy Kimmel did apologize later on and said he felt very bad about his actions and was sincerely sorry.

Prisoner’s Dilemma

Law and Order, a popular mystery-solving show demonstrates what the Prisoner’s Dilemma. The detectives interrogating the suspects and tell each suspect that the other is going to confess and will be made a deal as opposed to the one who does not confess and gets more time in jail. The “dilemma” here is that each suspect now thinks that if both cooperated they will be off the hook, however  there is also the “dilemma” of one staying quiet and the other confessing. If one does stay quiet they face the larger consequences and spend more time in jail whereas the one who did confess gets a less harsh punishment.

A study of the Prisoner’s Dilemma conducted in Stanford found that most people were willing to cooperate, which according to this article is not the way a good economist thinks. The way the study was conducted was that undergrad students were told that they were playing a game called “Community Game”, however there was another group of students that were told that the game was called “Wall Street Game.” With that in mind, only 33% of students chose to cooperate in the “Wall Street Game.”A good economists turns against all their companions and thinks for themselves, another way to put it is that they are more selfish and less caring.


Stock Market Game Post

The stocks that I have invested in have been Apple, Google, Time Warner Cable, and JC Penny. The first stock that I invested in was Apple and that lead to a major loss in the money that I had. I have 41.9% of my money which is really disappointing in my opinion because I feel like I’ve lost all my money. I think that I am going to sell my Apple stock because the recent products that Apple has been putting out have not been very successful. I know for sure that I am going to keep my JC Penny stock for now because with the holiday season just around the corner they are going to increase in stock, I hope. With Time Warner Cable I think I am going to sell it because I do not have much interest in this stock and do not know much about this stock.

Free-Reduced Lunch at Risk

Before the government shut down, schools like Cambeiro Elementary School in Las Vegas relied on federal funds to provide students with free or reduced lunches. Once the government had shut down, there are rising questions as to how the schools will provide these benefits for low-income families if the government shuts down for more than a month. If the government does stay shut down for more than a month then school districts like the Clark County School District might have to find a new provider to fund these meals.

The Clark County gets about “$9 million a month in reimbursements for feeding 186,410 children from low income families.” The upside and downside to this however is that this school district has enough money to find these kids but only for another month. If this money runs out then the schools will need to cut money from other school programs to pay for these meals. According to Deputy Superintendent Kim Wooden, she says that if it was not for these program, students would not eat at all which is really bad for them physically and academically. It’s very unfortunate to read about this but let’s hope it does not end up to that last solution.

Link: http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2013/oct/02/money-subsidized-school-meals-could-vanish-amid-sh/


Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

It’s that time of year where scary movie fanatics can come to Universal Studios Horror Nights and scream their heads off! Universal Studios has come to be known for their horrifying mazes and rides during the Halloween season. This year there are more haunting mazes and more characters to pop out of nowhere and scare the visitors.

With something as popular as Horror Nights, there are a few downsides. First off, there are a lot of people that come to this event which makes it impossible to get from one place to another. With too many people going into the mazes there is more of ” . . .a conga line of people that frequently ground to a halt, virtually killing every opportunity for any scares.”

Surprisingly enough, there were less of the “iconic figures” in this Horror Night like Freddy Krueger and Jason.The most talked about ride this year is the popular zombie TV show, “The Walking Dead”, which will include a Terror Tram, a scare zone, and a maze. After reading a few articles about this particular exhibit I’ve learned that the displays for “The Walking Dead” are amazing with their spot-on details of each location from the show. Besides “The Walking Dead”, there are also going to be horror films partaking in this event, like Chucky in “The Curse of Chucky”, “The Purge”, and “El Cucuy” also known as the Boogieman. I have never been to Horror Nights, but since this year I am going I figured I should do some further research on this event.


Links: http://www.latimes.com/travel/deals/themeparks/la-trb-universal-studios-hollywood-halloween-horror-nights-review-20130922,0,165996.story



Minimum Wage Rises

I decided to write about this article because I had previously written about one of the protests that happened earlier this year. In the protest workers in fast-food restaurants were demanding better pay because what they were being given was not sufficient to live a decent life. This article announced that Governor Jerry Brown supports the bill of paying workers more and is expected to sign it into law soon. Workers in fast-food restaurants will now be payed $10 an hour but will not take full effect until January 1, 2016. However, their payment will rise steadily from $8 to $9 in July of next year and then to $10. Personally I think that is a good amount to pay an employer that works in a fast-food restaurant because they ned to make a living somehow. The $15 an hour that the workers were demanding is way too much and I’m glad for the workers that they are getting a better pay.

Home Prices Go Up

This article talks about the pricing of homes and how their prices have recently gone up. With prices going up, builders are beginning to look for “dirt” meaning land to build more homes or as the article says single-family homes. However, the cost of land has now gone up twice as much as what it used to be a couple years back. Land that is being used to make these homes are going to come from golf-courses in Minneapolis. The article talks a lot about how builders now are searching for land in order to build new homes and just a few years back there were too many homes unoccupied but now there are insufficient homes. One reason why there is a shortage of homes is because there is a short amount of supplies for housing.

According to this article, the prices of houses are rising because of the limited land that is in demand specifically in Minneapolis. I thought it was interesting that the decrease of home building was sliced almost in half during the recession but it is at least steadily going back up. 

Link to article: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/08/business/economy/prices-are-rising-for-new-homes-and-the-land-they-are-built-on.html

Most Anticipated Back-to-School Technology Tools (2013)



Even though there were only 77 respondents that took part in this survey I thought it was interesting what they said was a necessity for class. The 77 respondents that took this survey were educators and I thought it was funny that they wanted to have students use iPads and smart phones instead of usual items like laptops. The common products educators are looking forward to using are iPads, Google apps for Education, and smart phones. I understand the Apps to help students with materials or concepts that they do not understand but I think its weird how they are looking forward to using smart phones in class. The iPad is like a laptop so I would understand why those would be acceptable. Whenever I read or hear about new technological devices that can be used in class I always think back to the times when my parents did not have these sort of privileges as kids. I think its cool that we now have these privileges but we shouldn’t always rely on these devices.